Privacy and personal data protection policies

AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC is committed to the highest standards of personal data protection. In adherence to Colombian Statutory Law 1581 of 2012, which governs the General Data Protection Regime in Colombia, and in line with best international practices in this domain, we are accountable for the management and protection of your personal data. For the purposes of this policy, the term “Data Subject(s)” refers to any individual or entity whose personal data is processed by AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC. This also includes individuals specified in Section 1 of this document.

1. Scope and Application of the Personal Data Protection Policy:

This policy generally pertains to and encompasses clients of AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC, our business partners, affiliated entities, suppliers, employees, collaborators, contractors, and any individual or entity whose personal data is, or will be, processed by our organization. Referred to as “Data Subjects” in this document, the intent of this policy is to safeguard their rights. This encompasses informing them about mechanisms and procedures to exercise these rights, addressing inquiries, lodging complaints, and clarifying the purpose of processing their personal data within our business operations.

This policy applies across the entire territory of the Republic of Colombia and is implemented by AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC, its employees, and, where relevant, by third parties with whom we collaborate for any activities related to personal data processing for which we are responsible.

The policy is also extended to third-party individuals or entities with whom we enter contracts. The aim is to ensure they are well-informed of their obligations, the intended purpose of data processing, and the stringent security and confidentiality measures they are expected to uphold during the course of data processing on our behalf.

We currently collect and process the following personal data. This is applicable regardless of whether the source is through direct registration or if the user signs up via social media platforms.

2. General Purpose of Personal Data Processing by AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC:

In compliance with Decree 1377 of 2013, throughout its commercial activities, AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC will collect, use, manage, store, analyze, anonymize, index, segment, profile, summarize, process, transmit, transfer, verify, enforce payments, and share information with risk centers when necessary. The personal data processed by the company will strictly be for the purposes outlined below or those explicitly accepted by the Data Subjects at the point of collection.

3. Specific Purposes for Personal Data Processing by AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC:

Those with access to personal data, by law, contract, or any binding document, can process it for the following objectives:

  • (i) Offer loyalty programs, promotions, and discounts to end consumers.
  • (ii) Inform about new products and services, both internal and from third parties.
  • (iii) Monitor Data Subjects’ behavior, mobile usage, and consumption preferences.
  • (iv) Create profiles of users on company platforms based on their consumption preferences and online behavior.
  • (v) Dispatch information on updates, news, and promotions, both internal and third-party.
  • (vi) Share information about CRM programs, both internal and third-party.
  • (vii) Refine, analyze, and optimize existing and future products and services.
  • (viii) Export information on human resources, credit risks, and anti-money laundering measures.
  • (ix) Construct segmented databases.
  • (x) Archive, update, store, and process information directly or through third-party contractors.
  • (xi) Index information based on the behavior and preferences of the Data Subjects.
  • (xii) Conduct marketing activities and send information for advertising purposes, or for executing prior contractual obligations.
  • (xiii) Carry out statistical analysis of collected data to optimize service delivery.
  • (xiv) Personalize the website and/or mobile applications based on user preferences.
  • (xv) Conduct market research, statistics, surveys, market trend analysis, and satisfaction surveys on provided services.
  • (xvi) Transmit personal data to third parties with whom contracts have been entered into for commercial, administrative, or operational purposes.
  • (xvii) Manage information required for tax, corporate, and accounting obligations.
  • (xviii) Identify users when they access the website.
  • (xix) Execute billing and payment services.
  • (xx) Transfer personal data to service companies or outsourcing firms that assist in enhancing or facilitating operations through AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC, including payment methods, insurance, or any companies in alignment with this Privacy Policy.


The Data Subject expressly acknowledges that the collected commercial information will be used for commercial purposes. This includes the dissemination of commercial and advertising information related to the products and/or services offered by AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC. The communication may be carried out via (i) emails, (ii) text messages (SMS), and/or (iii) phone calls (mobile or landline).

In the course of its commercial operations, the company may collect and process sensitive data. This may include, but is not limited to: (i) images, photographs, and voice recordings, and (ii) data that, if mishandled, could lead to discrimination, such as information related to political, religious, or philosophical affiliations.

Additionally, other sensitive data related to health, gender, or any information that could result in discrimination of the Data Subjects may also be processed. In cases where particularly sensitive data is involved, Data Subjects will be informed, so they can provide separate, explicit, and informed consent for the processing of such delicate information.

Such data will be handled with the highest security standards. Access to sensitive data is strictly limited to ensure its privacy. Only authorized personnel will be able to access this information.

4. Rights as a Data Subject:

The Data Subject has the right to exercise any and all rights established by law. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Access, update, rectify, delete, and revoke consent to the processing of their personal data. This can be done in situations where the data is partial, inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or when its processing is explicitly prohibited or has not been authorized.
  • Request evidence of the given authorization for data processing.
  • Be informed about how AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC has used their personal data.
  • File complaints to the appropriate regulatory bodies for any breaches of current regulations and other related laws.
  • Access their personal data that has been processed, free of charge.


5. Contact Information for AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC:

  • Address: Km 2.9 vía Mocoa-Villagarzón, Putumayo. Vereda Caliyaco
  • Phone: (57) 3153108605
  • Email: correspondencia@
  • Website:


6. Channels to Exercise Your Rights:

Data Subjects can reach out via email at correspondencia@

7. Department Responsible for Handling Inquiries, Complaints, Praise, and Suggestions:

Monitoring and managing these cases falls under the responsibility of AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC, using the channels specified in this personal data protection policy.

9. General Policies of AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC Regarding Personal Data Processing:

The following are the general policies of AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC concerning the processing of personal data of customers, users, suppliers, contractors, and employees:

  • AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC will process personal data in compliance with constitutional parameters and current regulations.
  • It will obtain explicit authorization from Data Subjects through physical, electronic, or telephonic means, ensuring traceability for future verification. Consent can also be deduced through clear actions of the Data Subject indicating their agreement.
  • Personal data will only be accessed by staff who need it for their job roles or by authorized third parties. The latter will only receive data pertinent to their contractual obligations.
  • Staff must ensure data confidentiality during and after their tenure or contractual obligations.
  • Personal data will be processed in alignment with the purposes consented to by the Data Subjects.
  • Personal data will not be disclosed on the internet or other public platforms unless it’s public information or required by law.
  • Personal data will be safeguarded following the company’s data security and retention policies.
  • Measures will be adopted to keep the data updated, correct inaccurate data, and notify any third-party authorizations of such corrections.
  • Handle inquiries and claims from Data Subjects according to current regulations.
  • Upon request, and unless there’s a legal or contractual obligation, Data Subject’s data should be deleted.
  • Ensure data security to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent access, use, modification, or loss.
  • AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC will implement suitable security measures, especially for sensitive data, including data of minors.
  • Promote a corporate culture that safeguards Data Subjects’ rights through training sessions.
  • Always ensure the Data Subjects’ right to data protection.
  • Inform Data Subjects about data collection purposes and their rights.
  • Ensure any shared data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC may share data with public entities for public policy-related matters.
  • These policies may be updated to align with current regulations and international best practices, with changes effective upon their publication.
  • Data transfer to countries without adequate data protection will follow current regulations.
  • Comply with obligations related to Database Registration, if applicable.


10. Modifications:

AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will take effect and be binding upon related third parties from the moment they are published on the appropriate channel.

11. Validity:

This data policy is effective as of October 14, 2023. The Personal Data stored, used, or transmitted will remain in AMAZONIA PRIETA S.A.S. BIC ZOMAC‘s database for the duration necessary for the purposes outlined in this policy, for which they were collected. Hence, the validity of the database is closely linked to the purposes for which the personal data was gathered. In this context, the duration or validity is subject to the data processing purposes specified herein.

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